12 May 2016

Feeling famous!

On Monday, I was lucky enough to be featured on the like forever blog, as 'Me on Monday', I love reading about fabby scrapbookers and meeting new people so this is a feature I love to read every week! I'm so pleased I'm part of this cool subscribers group! They girls are so inspiring! Read here!

I got a chance to look back on my old scrapbooking! It's hard to believe this layout was made over eight years ago... it was all about matting back then ...

This 8.5x11 Harry Potter layout was made last year... Time flies by... 

I'm mid way through this layout using the current like forever kit, which I totally love! Roll on next week when my exams are over... I'm looking forward to some 'me' time and a scrappy catch up! 
Thanks for stopping by xo 

7 April 2016

Uni life!

Being a student nurse is a mix up of both fun and a challenge! Uni days are much more self taught than I ever expected, with pre reading, then a lecture, followed by a seminar and work at home. The assignments are hard going but then you wouldn't expect a nursing degree to be easy! 
My current assignment is about the free radical theory of ageing and how it links to the digestive and respiratory systems, finding articles is much tougher than you might think! 
I'm also revising A&P for an exam we take in Oxford, prior to that I have a practical exam on psychological status and observations.
I can't believe how fast time has flown from beginning this course! The two placements I have had so far have been fabulous! I have met both amazing patients and staff, the experiences I am having are life changing, I'm like a sponge....absorbing lots of information!
Wish me luck with my exams! I'll be back soon

3 April 2016

My favourite deputy!

Whilst I took a study break today, I scrapped another Mini-moon LO! Firstly, I was inspired by the like for ever Sunday challenge, this week it was out of my comfort zone but I went with it...
Firstly, I haven't printed any small wedding photos, so chose a 6x4 which I trimmed slightly! Woody was such a laugh! As I'm rubbish at cutting up patterned papers, I tend to scrap them whole or slightly trim them, I decided to cut up a Disney comic book I purchased from a cool book store in Brighton! The comic strip would become my second paper...
I then couldn't decide on a title & google searched some of Woody's Toy Story 'sayings'. I took out one of my inky shaving brushes....I have lots of different colours! ...then started writing some Woody sayings on the page.
Initially, this was going be a background but I decided not to put a title over it or write across it. 
I also added some ink splatters... that just so happened to come out Mickey head shaped, a must on any Disney Layout, here it is... my take on the sketch!
I included the date, it's stamped underneath the photo. I added a tag. Instead of ribbons, I used stars! The shape of Woody's Deputy badge! Thanks for stopping by.
Catch up soon xo

April already ?!?!

Where is this year going? It's really flying by I realise I haven't posted since Christmas day! Eeeek! I'm such a bad blogger ...I hope people see this..."Hello!!???... anybody there?!?!?" Haha!
To keep you all updated with life here in wonderful Wiltshire, here I go! I am still in love with Disney! My awesome friend Martin went to NYC and brought me back these cool tsum tsums! I love em!
I have tried to do as much scrapping as I possibly can! The only thing I'm scrapping is our Wedding and mini-moon! Although I'm pleased to say it's coming on...
Paris is one of our favourite places, it's just so beautiful!
For this LO I used a French Disney comic, then a parks map stamped and cut out for the title! It is busy, busy, busy just the way I like my LO's....well, sometimes... it may be bright and loud but it follows my Wedding Album RULES...
...every LO MUST INCLUDE something gold and/or a heart! I haven't done many LO's but getting the like forever kits has certainly inspired me to scrap more! I LOVE this kit! As you know I stopped my Studio Calico kit and stopped Project Life two years ago when I started my education again, I miss them both very much but studying is priority at the minute
We have enjoyed many 'family' days too! This year is milestone birthdays and important years for both of them. As Lolly leaves college and Cal leaves school...
...time flies far too fast!
I am currently having an Easter break but I am loving my uni placement at a local Walk-in-Centre! I cannot wait to become a NURSE! I'm doing lots of assignment work and exam revision at the minute! Not long to go before my exam in Oxford! Aaaargh! I hate EXAMS!
Before we know about it summer will be here! I have no plans at the minute but will look forward to some family and scrapbooking time!
Catch up soon xo

25 December 2015

Merry Christmas

Good evening! Happy Christmas to all my readers! I hope you've been spoilt rotten xx 
Catch up soon xx

7 December 2015

Uni life ... the story so far!

Following your dream... I'm following mine but non stop working, I feel like I'm living in books at the minute! I'm learning loads at such a fast rate too
I'm having regular breaks...haha!
I'm listening to lots of lectures & taking lots of notes!
I do feel lonely at times...
...but I'm making new friends on the ward...
Student life does have the plus side of random parties! Hahaha! This was a recent 80's party!
My days and nights have been ram packed, I'm really looking forward to a Christmas break! I'm missing scrapbooking and not doing anything crafty at all!
Uni life is stressful at times but soooooo AMAZING!
I'll be back soon xo

26 October 2015

Me on Monday *a sad post*

Hello everyone, I hope you've had an awesome past few weeks? "Welcome" if you're here from Sian's page. I've kind of been out of the loop a lil while. On the 2nd of October a very close family friend passed away...
This was the last group photo of us all together just a week before she died, we're aren't great fans of taking lots of face facing photos but honestly, since scrapbooking I have realised how important photo taking and making memories really is! Paris has been battling cancer for just over 18 months, a horrible disease which she has been so brave and courageous fighting!
Myself and Tracy tried to help her through the rubbish times by taking Paris places, making 'fun' and generally being there for her! Lolly & Cal think the world of her too, Lolly spending time having 'horror movie days'....I hate watching horrors! Cal always brought a smile with his witty comments and chocolate sharing! We've eaten so much food with her ..... during those steroid days...haha! We have some amazing memories! Watching her die was the most horrendous heart breaking moment we've been through in such a long time, so sad, words cannot describe that feeling but we promised to ALWAYS be there and we were! At only 21 years old I cannot even begin to imagine how her family feel.... but as ever, I will always be there!
The past few weeks have been very gloomy and we've used every excuse possible to smile!
Including randomly blowing bubbles....shopping sprees,
Lauren met up with Union J ..... again! {thankfully she didn't faint!} haha!
I packed my bright Disney Princess back pack to remind me of the good times... uni was somewhere I haven't been very regularly in the past few weeks... grief is an odd thing! Popping up when you least expect it, slapping you in the face! One thing this has shown us as a family, is the awesome people we are surrounded by. They may not be blood but they are our family and we love them so very much! THANK YOU! {You know who you are!}
Lolly & Cal looked gorgeous at the funeral! We all wore pink, Paris's favourite colour, she had a beautiful send off! Now she's shining bright up there, like the diamond she was!
Forever in our hearts xx